integrated Code Operated Switch

The redesigned Code Operated Switch is an integrated logic solution based on proprietary COS-ASIC components, and replaces the previous COS/4 design. In addition to maintaining service to multiple serial ports, the new platform provides additional functionality, replaces obsolete components, and is compliant with lead-free RoHS device standards.

In the News...

Now Available! RelComm's new i-PSU (integrated Port Sharing Unit) is an asynchronous RS-232C/RS-422 Serial-In to Serial-Out Port Selector that can select one Host port from up to 16 devices. See the detail flyer or call us at (209) 736-0421 and we'll be happy to answer any questions.



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Serial Cable Booster
The Serial Cable Booster can double the length of an RS232-C cable.
SCOS - 2
Designed to switch serial communications devices between a master port and two subordinate ports.
AB Fallback Switch
The Automatic Fallback Switch is three switches in one package.
684 Current Loop
Bi-directional interconnection of a digital current-loop interface with an RS232 interface.
RS449 Interface
Allows direct connection between an RS449 interface and an RS232 interface.
Provides an interface between RS232 and current loop serial communications ports.
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